Auxiliary Channel Dedicated to Relay?

I am trying to use 6 different servos in the auxiliary outputs in the PX4. I have been able to operate aux channels 1-4 which are assigned 9-12 in mission planner. However, I cannot use aux channels 5 and 6 because the are assigned as relays. How do these relays work? How can I operate a servo from these two channels? I need help really soon. Thank you.

@Yuri_Rage could you help me out 1 more time?

You use them just like any other servo pin. They should be numbered 13 and 14.

So I tried plugging in a servo and actuating it through the servo tab in mission planner with both 13 and 14. Nothing was happening, but I know the servo works because I was able to use it in 9-12. Do I need to somehow change those auxiliary ports 5 and 6 from relays to servo. I went into config> standard params> and made sure that the relays were disabled, but that did not open up ports 5 and 6 (13 and 14) to be used as servos.

I’m fairly certain that your autopilot supports a full 16 servo/PWM outputs.

You need to make sure that SERVO13_FUNCTION and SERVO14_FUNCTION are set appropriately.

It’s also likely wise to make sure that no RELAY_PINx parameters are set to 54 or 55.

You may wish to start using the “Full Parameter List” feature of Mission Planner rather than relying on the simpler setup pages.

Thank you once again Yuri! My issue was that BRD_PWM_COUNT was set to 4 instead of 6. I also had to reboot the plane for it to take effect.

You should update your firmware.