Aux out 1 Rc Led

I have an rc led connected to my rover and was wondering on how to get it to turn it on - working my way through the configuration tree .

Rc switch on/off (Rc_option 7)
output ( Aux out 1) hardware is connected to .

Any help will be highly appreciate . Thanks

You don’t specify the flight controller but if it’s a Pixhawk or derivative then Aux1 is Servo9. So, set SERVO9_FUNCTION to RCIN7 (59).


this is all I see

So set it to 59… What’s the problem?

nothing happens sorry

what option do I select for this one - just realize it was set to nothing .Thanks

Nothing. Did you configure your Transmitter to use a switch on Channel 7?

Yes I and I see it on the radio 7 change when I move the switch but the lights does not come on .

Your question has been answered, troubleshoot the hardware.

Am I suppose to select something for RC7_OPTION currently it set to 0
only thing I have done is just SERV0_9 function to 59 .

is there something I am missing in the instructions you gave me

This was already answered. On the Mission Planner’s Status screen does ch7in change when you flip the Transmitter switch you configured?

You leave RC7_OPTION at zero and allow it to “pass through” to SERVO9 via SERVO9_FUNCTION=RCIN7.

Does that clear it up?

Does SERVO9_FUNCTION=RCIN7 same as SERVO9_FUNCTION being set to 59 ?

Yes. That. Set that and it will work unless the LED is not responsive to RC output.

Also check that the servo rail is powered. If you haven’t connected power to it, it’s a dead bus.

When you selected it here what value was produced?


I figured it out and I had to change SERVO9_FUNCTION to 57 to map it to RCIN7 ranther that 59

Thanks you all for your patience and support - I really appreciate it .

Sorry for giving you the wrong pin number for RCIN7!