AUX channels can not output pwm signal

Dear all,

I use arduplane 4.0.5 on Cube black.
and set servo9_function = 1 (RC path through).
But, aux1 output 0 on status of mission planner.

Also I checked it on pixhawk1 with arducopter 3.6.12,
it was same.

What do I need to get the PWM signal from AUX?


With SERVO9_FUNCTION set to 1 RC chan 9 will be the input to control it. Is that the channel you have configured as the input to control it?

Dear Dave-san、

With SERVO9_FUNCTION set to 1 RC chan 9 will be the input to control it.
Thanks, it is mistake.

I changed it to 51, RCIN1, reboot, and armed to check.
But it output 0 in Status of Mission planner.
ch1-ch8 out are ok.
ch9-16 are 0.

Is there anything else I can do?


Explain what you are trying to do with an input from RC 1, maybe that will help. That would normally be the Aileron chan.

Dear Dave-san,

RC1 is just test signal.

I want to use servo motor as independent function during flying or hovering with arduplane.

Works for me on the bench. In the Status screen ch9out changes pwm with RC chan 1 input which is the roll (aileron) stick in the configuration. A servo connected to Aux9 also moves. This is with Copter but I don’t think it will make a difference with Plane.Post your parameter file.

I attached my test param.file.
I checked that servo1-8 are OK.

TailSitterOK.param (20.8 KB)

Param file I attached was saved yesterday.



I don’t know what the problem is. I set this up duplicating every parameter from your file that would affect this and it works. You have RCIN1 (51) set on Servo 9 & 10. When I move Chan 1 (Aileron/roll) both chan 9 & 10 change output on the status screen. Attached is my parameters, use Parameter Compare and figure out what’s different. I don’t see anything significant to this issue.

Fixed wing servo 9.param (20.2 KB)

Dear Dave-san,

Finally, I found it.

This is the screenn connected by telemetry.
servo9-14 are set 0. No change.

And this is the screen connected by USB cable.
servo9-14’s function are set 51, and it shows rc1 input signal value.

In both case, I connetecd servo motor to AUX 2ch and checked the motion by transmitter. It moved well.

So, I would like to conclude that it is a bug of mission planner or firmware.

Thank you.

There is not a bug that I’m aware of and not sure what you found. This is the same configuration as you describe connected via telemetry. RCIN1 configured on Aux 9-14. All working fine. Perhaps you should update Mission Planner to Latest Beta.

Dear Dave-san,

Michael-san told me to enable mavlink2 on the telemetry port.
And it works well!

Thank you.