Aux 1-4 documentation

The documentation is unclear whether functions chosen on rc9-14 work in the same way as channel 7 and 8. For example in the manual it sort of appears that I have to use channel 7 or 8 to use a manual landing gear switch on the TX but it isn’t clear. The same for camera trigger and parachute. It would be great if this could be more clear.

The options for chan 7-12 are the same. For chan 9-12 use the full parameter list in Mission Planner to select the option.

Thank you Dave. I assumed that was the case but the wording in the manual left me wondering whether only channel 7 and 8 could be used for manual switch control as well as automated control. It would be helpful if they made that clear as things are updated for 3.4

Yes. I find a good way to catch updates is to review the changelog and then pop over to Mission Planner and see how it’s enabled/configured then try it out on the bench if possible. For these functions, after you have configured a switch on the Tx go to the status screen in MP and look at the ch9in-ch12in data and see if it’s changing above 1800. If so the function you configured for that respective chan should activate!

Thanks again… that makes sense.