Autotuning parameters are not updating

am using pixhawk 2.1 cube for my quard copter , am tackoff in stabilize mode and at certain altitude i gave alt hold command after that i gave auto tune command . after that roll tuning and pitch tuning after land in autotune mode after that disram parameters are not updated after that refresh the parameters but nothing change the parameters . am uploading the my log file can please help me how to do autotune .

No log file, no cookie!

When Autotune completes dont change modes, just bring the aircraft back and land, Disarm, wait a few seconds. Then you can change modes and fly again.

Did they change the procedure ? After autotune I always switch out then back in to feel the new pids, and if I like them I land and disarm in AT.

No. You don’t have to switch out of Auto tune and back for them to be saved, this is optional to test the difference. The only rule is to be in Auto Tune at disarm if you want to save them. I don’t think this has ever changed.

thank for you replying all . this is log file link

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thank for you replying all . this is log file link

am not change any mode while take stabilize mode and after that althold mode after that autotune after tuning completed land in autotune mode only but no parameter is updated . am getting this type of message below pic link is there

can you give me proper guidelens for auotune update the params