Autotuning and Datalogging problems

Hello, I have an APM 2.6 with external compass. It flies great in stability mode, but I was looking to get it to fly a little better in Loiter and AltHold, as well as just getting the PIDs right. I have a 6 channel transmitter, so figured I could just hook up channel 6 on the receiver to channel 7 on the APM. In Mission Planner 1.3.5 build 1.1.5260.33055, this seems to work perfectly. I am able to flip a switch on my transmitter and watch channel 7 go high or low, and calibrate it. I then set channel 7 to AutoTune, and took it outside to try it out. It will not fly at all, in any mode. As soon as it lifts off the ground, it starts to oscilate rapidly out of control and flips upside down, no matter what position the channel 7 switch is in. I then tried disconnecting channel 7 from the receiver, and setting channel 7 back to disabled. It still oscilates out of control. In order to get my quad flying again, I have to run the initial setup wizard.

I would try to view the datalog, but each time I try getting the logs from the APM, it reports that it cant retrieve the log list.

Does enabling AutoTune change settings from default as soon as you set a channel to autotune?

Autotune does not change settings from default immediately.

You should be able to retrieve logs by using the terminal tab in mission planner. Currently MAVLINK log download is not supported in the copter firmware.