Autotuned values outside MP range

My Volantex Ranger 757-3 is equipped with Pixhawk running Arduplane v4.1.7. After autotuned, some PID values are out of range and were saved, as follows :–
RLL_RATE_P 0.02493744 (Range in MP : 0.08 ~0.35)
RLL_RATE_I 0.616 (Range in MP : 0.01 ~0.6)
PTCH_RATE_P 0.05558737 (Range in MP : 0.08 ~0.35)

I noticed this when I want to set the PID values of a similar plane(in terms of dimensions) with the same autotuned values of Ranger 757-3 as the initial values before autotuning this similar plane. I was warned by MP that these values are out of range.
Are the ranges in MP just for reference and CAN be exceeded in some cases ? If yes, what should we watch out when setting values out of ranges ? Param and .BIN files are attached below. Thank you for help.

Ranger 757-3__after autotuned.param (17.1 KB)

Yes, they are just for reference or based on older firmwares. My understanding is that it is unlikely autotune will set a value out of a practical range.

If the plane is flying well, then it’s good.