Autotune yaw not working

Can anyone please help ?

I tried to autotune yaw on my heavy x8 (15kg) … When invoked, nothing seems to happen … Rate yaw P is at 0.5 (max) … rig is overshooting a little when turning and then coming back about 5-10 degrees, and not very responsive on yaw commands at all … (just to let You know : minutes before I succesfully finished AT on roll without any issue).
Is yaw rate P already too high ?
I’d really appreciate some advice.

Best from Berlin, Christoph

Dataflashlog of an attempt to tune yaw would help

Logs help but if autotune doesn’t start it generally means your tune is unable to keep the aircraft close enough to level for autotune to start a test. You may need to do some more manual tuning before trying autotune again.

Logs will tell though.

By the way, in AC3.6 there will be some better indicators to the pilot of what’s going on.

Another common problem is the sticks not being perfectly centered. I’ve recently added a new “common problems” section to the autotune wiki page: