Autotune Yaw Axis - Not Finishing

Updated to 4.4 recently for a Talon Pro V Tail - plane was faultless flying on an earlier release so I never updated it. I ran auto tune twice and it failed to complete for the Yaw Axis, look through the docs I see the Autotune_Axes is by default Roll, Pitch and Yaw - I assume for a fixed wing I’m ok unchecking the Yaw as I understood this wasn’t tuned in fixed wing anyway - hopefully should allow it to complete then?

I was trying to autotune yesterday after upgrading to Plane 4.4.3. Roll and Pitch worked as expected, but I didn’t get any messages regarding the Yaw tune and the Autotune process never completed. I have the Yaw portion of the Autotune enabled. For additional details that may or may not come into play for this problem, my plane is a twin with differential thrust enabled.