AutoTune woes. what am i missing?

I am not sure if autotune is saving the pids. i will take off in stabilize, switch to pos hold or alt hold and then switch into autotune. (in mission planner i do not have the option to set a dedicated channel to autotune. i just use my flight modes channel.) i see it twitch and do its thing for a while then i will land it and disarm it still in autotune. BUT after restarting my fc and connecting to mission planner, the pids still look like the defaults. what am i missing here?

Did it finish the autotune process? The drone should do a small rotation and beep to signal it is done.
Only then you should land and disarm

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I have experienced the same thing since 4.0 came out. Here is what I do:

Perform auto tune. Land and disarm. Read the settings in mission planner then click write Params

Once I do this it saves the new pids and I can reboot

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The Devs are fixing a bug in the autotune in the version 4.x firmware. I’m not sure where its at now but it was recommended to autotune with the 3.6.x firmware at least until the bug is resolved.

i took gnitzan and smartdave’s advice, thank you, and i also flew on a much less windy day. the first time i was fighting the wind to much to allow it to progress in the autotune routine. i also discovered that if you switch from poshold into autotune it will stay in place as long you do not touch the pitch/roll stick. it will stay in place and perform the autotune which is convenient. i didnt see it rotate upon completion however, it just stopped moving after tuning the yaw axis for a while. then i landed while still in autotune, disconnected mission planner from the telemetry radio, grabbed my hex and connected it via usb, saw that the pids had changed and clicked write params to be sure. then rebooted the fc.
this took about 15 minutes of flight time. what happens if a craft has a shorter flight time than that?

What do you mean ‘if it has a shorter flight time?’

I guess he means not enough juice in the battery Fot the whole process.
Than you split the process to the and complete each axis on its own.

it took my craft about 15 minutes to go through the whole autotune routine and then it yielded updated pids. is a smaller craft or a more laden craft that couldnt fly long enough to get through the whole routine just out of luck? i know the arduplane autotune updates pids every 30 seconds and relies on pilot input to tune the craft. why doesnt the copter autotune work like this?

You can set it to only autotune one axis at a time. That way if your battery is not enough to do all three ,byou could do pitch and then save them and charge a battery then go back and do roll and then go back and do yaw.

You do not have to do all three at the same time.

You do also have the option of manually tuning your pids.