Autotune with stock PIDs?


I recently switched from pixhawk 1 to a pixhawk 2. I noticed a small difference in the flight. Its not as calm as before. I believe it would be my pids, comming off a bit wrong.

The pids i have obtained the year i had the pixhawk 1 mounted, was working fine, and would they be a good starting point for an auto tune?

Or is it better to load the stock PIDs and do the auto tune?

What parameters should i use for a small f550? AGGR at 0.1 or 0.05?

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As long as the copter flies well enough to be stable you can do an autotune, so your current PIDs should be fine.

The autotune aggressiveness is up to you. If you want a very responsive copter, start with 0.1. If that makes the copter too twitchy, you can turn it down and autotune again. A smaller number will result in a slower, gentler response.

Hi, thanks for your response…

The copter files well in both stock pids and with my current pids… I guess there is no difference then?

So the higher the number in aggressiveness is, the more responsive the copter gets? Am I right?

Right, there won’t be much difference as long as the copter flies reasonably well.

Correct, higher aggressiveness number means it will try to tune the copter to respond faster.