Autotune with a 6 channel radio


According to the information in this page it seems that I need to have a 7+ channel radio to run Autotune:

Is there a way to run Autotune on a 6 channel radio ?

Setup Auto tune as a flight mode.

Hello @shaiko

I think that information is a little bit outdated.

Currently, ardupilot supports AutoTune as a Flight Mode, so having a simple RC with the 4 channels of sticks and a switch to change flight mode is all you need.

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Setting Autotune as a flight mode is possible…but from the post it seems like channel 7 (which I don’t have) is used to “save” the setting.
So what’s the suggested process to do it if I don’t have channel 7 ?

You just land and disarm in autotune mode to save the settings.


Any mention of Chan 7/8 in the Wiki is very outdated as @BrunoBagarini suggested. 1st, any unused RC channel can be configured for Auto Tune. So your options are set a Flight Mode as @Allister said or use Chan 6. Chan 6 in Arducopter has a special function so it’s usually best not to use it for general purposes but in your case it doesn’t matter. Just some clarification but using a Flight Mode would make the most sense.

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Txs for the report, I’ve added an issue to update the AutoTune wiki page so others aren’t led astray.