Autotune will no longer work

I had autotune working and then on motor broke so it had to be changed out. After that I can’t get auto tune to work on any machine (I have two). I redid my transmitter and completely set one copter to default.My taranis has everything centered. I calibrated esc, I redid the compass and level, On the field in qground control it says autotune is active but nothing happens. it gives one twitch and then does nothing. I’ve had it working before so I can’t understand why it isn’t now.

Can you post your log file from when you did the autotune?

This is my next issue. When I go into terminal and connect all I get is random code. When I am in flight data and try to use the dataflash logs it say there are no logs. On my other copter there are but they are 0kb in size.

I used the lastest firmware, reset everything to default and yet there are no logs. I do have a memory card in. What is going on?

I’ve seen this happen a couple of times on my Pixhawk, and end up having to delete all the logs (better still, format the SD card from your PC).

That usually gets the logs working again for me.

Then try autotune again and post the logs here.


Thanks for any help you can give. On the quad that was showing no log, I deleted and now have them working again. the other quad still shows no logs.

anyway attached in my log of trying autotune. I seem to have lots of issues?

2017-05-14 11-15-18.bin (1.2 MB)

can any one help me? my autotune won’t work like it used to and I have no idea why. Here is another log file2017-05-16 13-01-10.bin (986.4 KB)

No idea. Autotune engaged according to the log, but there is no autotune data. No errors that I can see. Seems weird.

It looks like you have autotune assigned to CH.7, CH8 and also as one of the positions on your flight mode switch.

I’m not sure if this would stop it from starting autotune but I would set this just to one switch (CH7) and try again…