Autotune seedup possible?

I’m trying to do the yaw autotune, but i ran out of power befor autotune finished about 8min of flight.
Is there a posibility to speed it a little bit up?
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logfile from the last try:

here are my autotune parameters:

and atc:

Hi anton,

I have not seen a yaw tune do this before.

You have ultra low vibrations. Could I see some photos of your setup, especially your vibration isolation. You may have set it up too soft. This may be messing up your yaw.

In any case I would suggest setting your Yaw filter to 2 to start off with.

Hi Leonard,
thanks a lot four your answere!
Here is a pic of the vibration dampening with orange latex and double side tape:

I’ll try the yaw filter 2

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I can confirm that a very compliant FC mount caused this on my mini quad. Yaw Autotune lowered the rate Yaw Filter parameter to ~2 and it was very sluggish. I was able to set it back to 5 and tune Stabalize and Rate PID’s for good performance. In general this quad is flying very nicely now.

i did a indoor yaw tuning with Yaw filter to 2 and it finished and a slightly larger lipo:

here is the log file:

but the yaw is reacting slow…

should i go down with the filter value also on roll and pitch for a happy ending?

Thanks a lot!
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Made new pixracer dampers
i hope now the vibes are ok.
they are a little bit higher…

here the log…
6 01.01.2000 01-06-02.bin (688 KB)


tomorrow i’ll test yaw tune with filter value 5.
regards anton

Did a new yaw tune with filter value 5 today, now yaw seems ok. Thanks!


Roll autotune don’t finished.
Does anyone know what values i should change?


Thanks a lot!
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how are you set to initiate AutoTune?

Hi, with flightmode autotune.

I mean do you have it set up with AltHold on one mode and AutoTune on another channel?
I have read it can now be performed with just AutoTune flight mode, but I was taught you need to be in AltHold then activate AutoTune with a different switch or POT high while in AltHold.
My guess is the APM is not recognizing the start altitude to continue AutoTune until you move it manually.

Start @ 7m49s

Hi, thanks for the reply!
I fly in Althold then i switch to Autotune.
YAW autotune finished, ROLL and PITCH didn’t finished with one battery.
I do one axis at one time.

Regards a.

Anton-If it’s any consolation Auto Tune didn’t work well for me on my mini quad with Pitch and Roll either. I suspect because of the reason that Leonard gave relative to the FC mount compliance. Our hardware may be similar enough that you could start with my Pitch and Roll PID’s and then try Auto Tune or just manually tune from there with a chan 6 live tuning option. As always save your parameters before changing them just in case!

Hi Dave,
Thanks a lot!
I’ll try

Regards a.