Autotune Problem
This is my log file of my last try.

The problem I have been having is it seems that the FC thinks my sticks aren’t centered. Thats my guess anyways. I take off, get up to altitude, switch into AltHold, then switch into Autotune. I have the parameter to do just the roll axis. What happens is it will twitch once. That’s it. Once. If i bump a stick or sticks, it will twitch again. Ok, so it’s a centering issue right? Well, I re calibrated my radio, which appeared fine anyhows, and checked my midpoints and they are at 1490. I also increased RC_1,2,3,4_DZ’s to 100 just to make sure (they were at defaults of 20 or 30). No difference. I got alot of twiches last time (10mins of them) by blipping a stick after every twitch. But it never finished and had to land before it finished. I got a taranis x9d+, so I am getting messages down to me, just not finishing. I figured in 10mins I could get 1 axis done. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I used to have exactly this issues for a while - turned out I had trim values in the parameters config (i removed those to fix it) and had trimming set on my RC transmitter (removed that to fix it).

Since I fixed both of these issues it works flawlessly… maybe this is your issue to…

My transmitter trims are centered and I checked AHRS trims and they are zeroed out. My RC IN trims for 1-4 are 1487-1491. Says those are my neutral values. A little off from 1500 though.

If that still isn’t working for you do an Auto Trim.

This is the first thing I do at the beginning of a maiden flight.

Ok. I haven’t did an autotrim or a savetrim yet cause it’s not too bad, but it is drifting a bit. I’ll try that. Thanks.