Autotune on big X8 unexpect behavior

I use position hold auto-tune with my X8 22" props in Roll axis everything went fine and the auto-tune is done
before landing and still in autotune mode it hover really good ( very distinguishable from before tuning using stock PID) then I land and check the PID value, see that I got a new set of PID then take off again in Loiter mode
and the drone is not stable anymore very twitchy. I did the autotune again fly really good after autotune landed got new set of PID, take off and get twitchy again.

I havn’t lower the pitch/roll filter to 10Hz and also did not reduce the aggressivity. which is what I will try next

but how come my drone fly really good right after tuning? I thought it is because of the new set of PID that cause it but after landed the magic spell has gone are there any other parameter change during autotuning?

Autotuned parameters are saved only after you landed in autotune mode and disarmed.

DId you switched of autotune after it finished to check new params ? Or stayed in autotune mode and landed ?

I stay in autotune mode and landed

Then new values were applied after the disarm. They were obviously too large.
Decrease filter to 10Hz, and agressivity to 0.075 then try again.

I plan to do that but was raining today. attahched are log file from the autotune session