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Autotune neutralizes radio command


I ask for help, I’m trying to do the autotune in a nano talon with pixhawk 1, and arduplane v 3.9.5, and in 2 flights, I almost can not do curve, for long not return with the aero. but when I supply aileron command to one side on the radio, the servo command, but if you tilt the aero as it should respond, the servo comes back in the opposite direction, that is, I try to make a curve and it cancels me, always wanting to level the aero. Some wrong parameter, or some bug in this firmware. Note: if you are in STABILIZE, the answer works perfectly, you accept the command of the radio and keep the aileron in the correct position, if you release the radio stick the ailerons try to correct normal. but even so, making a curve is difficult, the roll limit has been set to 45 degrees, but it’s like it’s only about 20 degrees. curves are being made with 200 to 250 meters, very open. please help !! I’m in this for 3 months and it’s for a university research I work for. Thank you, whoever can contribute.