Autotune log with Big Propellers no good yaw settings?

Hey, 3.4.1 full autotune, quad + , BIG propellers 30", aggr 0.7, -15° cold :smiley:

what do you think ?
Yaw seems unstable in hard turns, the quad swings a lot =D

I have no experience with 30" propeller craft but wanted to say I hope you get that monster sorted out…VERY nice!
But I can tell you, your vibrations are going to shake the craft apart.
You might look there.

Are you sure?
i think the vibrations are not bad at all, only the Z vibs are strong in very fast flight “back”.

The “Z” is really good…spikes are landings?
The X & Y are indeed in limits but “loud” for what I am used to.
(Measured by APM Log File Analyser - great tool but losing support for continued development.)

One of my flights:

I have them tighter on other results but those are on my work computer.

hmm ok, the spikes are no landings. that is faster flight (eg max defection).

mission planer vibration analyses of your flight

fine/good in normal flight and big Z vibration in fast fligt (i did a autotune, and every time the quad was drifting out of sight i moved it back FAST.