Autotune levels

In the past I’ve never been pleased with the autotune in my planes. Today I decided to try increasing autotune_level to 8 from the default of 6. I’m super happy with the tune now, on my 2m ranger and my nano goblin. I guess I don’t understand why the wiki recommends only advanced pilots use higher levels. Seems like higher levels make it fly the way it should… before it was mushy and didn’t fight the wind as well, now it flies like it’s on rails.

Anywho, if 8 is good… Is 10 better? Is there a risk that 10 makes it unflyable? If I don’t get feedback I’ll probably try it next week when I fly again.

Okay, so it seems that higher levels can get too aggressive on the PIDs and make the plane oscillate. I did level 8 on my ranger 2000, and it feels great. Tried it on my nanogoblin and it resulted in oscillations, so I turned the gains down a bit from level 8 but still higher than my manual tune and it flies great.

On my full size goblin I tried level 7, it seems good but it was a very windy day so not the best metric. I guess my recommendation would be use 8 on large stable platforms and 7 max on more agile platforms.