Autotune in y6 and hexa


When I tested Autotune for several copter frames, I noticed that y6 and hexa frames fail to do Autotune. It keeps showing “AutoTune: failing to level, please tune manually” error for more than 40 minites.

I guess that this issue is related to PR. Thanks!

Test version: 8b83b49e0b


Yes, it really is an issue of the tune for the simulated vehicles. You should be able to get it working by modifying these parameters


I suspect the vehicle gains are too high so you could try reduing these parameters by 10%, 20%, etc until it starts working. I can’t be sure but I suspect this is the issue.

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Coincidentally we had another PR that fixed a bug in our SITL model so I had to go through and re-test all the models. This PR will likely be merged later today and I think it will resolve the issue you’re seeing.

@rmackay9 I have checked the PR and confirmed that the Autotune works well in the hexa frame! Thanks!

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Great news, thanks for the feedback!

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