AutoTune: failing to level, manual tune may be req

Perhaps it isn’t. Post a link to .bin flight log.

Please uncompress the file.
waiting for your replay. :blush:

Can i install an old version of apm … Complete the autotune… Copy the pid… Paste it to new version???

Do not go back any versions for the problems you have at the moment, just fix what is wrong now - the issue will be the same even if an older version does not warn you of the problem.

Fix these battery settings, and do not try to go too low with you battery voltage or it will be permanently damaged. If these give you trouble, then replace your battery or manually calibrate your voltage sensor - do not change these values to mask the problem.
When calibrating the voltage sensor, use a low reference voltage like 10.0 since the low voltages are far more important than the high voltages.

There’s lots of “noise” and motor outputs are oscillating badly. Set up the Harmonic Notch filter next.
Start with these:
INS_HNTCH_ENABLE,1 ← set this then refresh params to see the rest

I would also try these PIDs as a starting point
Take off and try to hover just for a very short time, then land and check motors are not hot. Listen for any strange mechanical-sounding noise. If that happens then reduce ATC_RAT_RLL_D and ATC_RAT_PIT_D to 0.005 and try again.
It might also be worth reducing these filter values until everything else is more sorted

After setting all that Let’s see the .bin log from a hover test, with maybe just a few gentle movements.
From that we will be able to set the Harmonic Notch filter more accurately, and hopefully move on to Autotune.


Thanks a lot bro… i will change the parameters and try a Hover test as u mentioned.

It worked :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: . Autotune worked and now i have a better stability… Thanks a lot

I just stumbled across this thread as I experience the same error.
I have mounted the cube carrier on the 3M hard foam that came with it, could that be the cause of the problem? I think the foam is quite stiff so I wouldnt think thats the problem, but maybe it is? or is the foam that came with it fine to use?
18" 340KV 6S 4.5Kg

ok, in my case it was not the damping foam. I have now hard mounted the cube carrier using screws and I still have the problem.
I am doing it exactly like in the guide and im at a point where it seems to get better. I still get some errors though. next time I will test it with the harmonic notch filer in place.
a little question: my PID values seem to be really low now, as I decreased them a lot to remove oscillations. can somebody tell me if I can go even lower on them without entering very dangerous territory? D=0.001152 P/I=0.054

Post a link to a ,bin flight log.

@dkemxr here it is: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

You should configure the Notch Filter with a center frequency of a 100Hz and BW at 50Hz. And set INS_LOG_BAT_MASK to 1, you don’t need to log all IMU’s it just produces very large log files.

I have already set it exactly like that, just not yet flown. will do that on monday. Other then that it should be fine right?

this was flown with the notch in place, and autotune completed although there still were some messages. the only thing I noticed was the autoanalyzer complaining about large compass offsets… is this a thing? or are they ok?
also, I see another frequency peak at about 30Hz, would another notch filter make sense here?

After another update i tried autotune…and again its not tuning.:sob::sob:


I had yesterday also the problem with autotune in pitch and roll not succeeding. The message was always „failing to level“. I tried 6x but no success. I also reduced agressiveness to 0.05, no positive result.
The way to success was, to increase the D-Term as much as possible (0,003 to 0,008) before autotune and then it worked also with agressiveness of 0.1



I not a autotuned expert but i have used the Quicktune.lun script will good results. Really simple to use. Just load it assign a switch on your Radio set to 300 get the craft into a Loiter mode and move the three way to the center. Its not a replacement for tuning but it does work.
VTOL-quicktune.lua (14.2 KB)

I’ve been reading this thread closely - as I’ve not yet been able to get auto-tune to complete a single axis on the Hexsoon EDU-450 V2 I’ve recently built. Two years ago the V1 of that copter was able to complete all three axis of auto-tune in 20 minutes of flight time. So I’m guessing there’s more going on regarding the recent update to the auto-tune routine than just the “failing to level” annunciation.

Regarding your comment about the tuning abilities of this community - I’ll freely admit to being a novice. But that’s not a statement of my capabilities. I expect this is true for most others.

The issue is training and documentation. Not only is an understanding of the PID loop and filters required, but an understanding of how the specific parameters available in ArduPilot change the vehicle’s tune. Encorporated in that is the ability to interpret the tuning values that can be charted.

If you have any advice on how we in the novice group can educate ourselves - it would be greatly appreciated. At a minimum - my experience shows that there’s a need to know enough to manually tune a copter so it can at least complete auto-tune.

Presently I’m delving into transmitter based tuning. I understand that not everyone agrees that that approach is appropriate. But if I learn something in the process, I’ll consider it successful.

In the past I’ve tried to share what I’ve learned in write-up’s posted in the ArduPilot social media posts and forums. Lately I’ve taken to writing technical articles and posting them on my web site because they are too long for social media posts. If the community can help me over some of these basic tuning hurdles, I’d happily contribute documents to the wiki to benefit others.

Did you get a good tune after that autotune?

I am trying to tune a tarot octa and i am constantly having the failing to level message during autotune and then, when it finally ends, i get a bad tune with P term around 0,090 and D term around 0,001 which is the minimum value

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I had a same issue lately with 4.2.3, do not have a chance, bandwidth to go into my suspicious yet.


HI there…

I am trying to get my QPLANE to quicktune. Can You give me some step by step support.
There is no problem in QSTAB and QHOVER but it is wobbly on QLOITER.

  • I have enabled scripting SCR_ENABLE = 1,
  • Downloaded quicktune script into the script folder via MAVftp,
  • As I read thay I have to switch off Q_WVANE_ENABLE = 0,
  • As you mentioned one of the rc channels should be set to 300 so RC7_OPTION = 300

So now I should get plane into the air with QLOITER and on safe height should flip the RC7 for scritping, am I right?