Autotune evaluation - what about yaw?

At long last I finally got a calm enough day to do an autotune on my Hexsoon TD-650 - requiring about 29 minutes of flight time.

I knew I could exclude yaw and do it separately - but taking a second look, I know now I can do each of the three axis separately. Seems dumb now to try to do all three at the same time.

Looking at the MavLink messages in MavExplorer, I don’t see a message about autotune saving YAW gains - only gains for pitch and roll. I thought that if you didn’t complete all you’d ask for - none would get saved.

Can someone tell if YAW gains were saved in my autotune from the BIN file I’ve uploaded?

I can easily go back and just autotune YAW - but it would be nice to know if my autotune today saved new YAW gains or not.

I’m just learning how to evaluate the copter’s tune - and I’ve included screen shots of what I look for - desired versus actual pitch and roll in the same portion of a standard mission I fly. I’ve included a before and after - and it seems pitch and roll is much improved.

I don’t know the best way to evaluate the tune of YAW. I graphed YAW and desired YAW in Mission Planner on both these before and after flights - and they don’t seem much different. Any suggestions on how to best evaluate YAW tune?