AutoTune Dropdown Channel Selection Boxes

Just tried to set up Auto Tune on channel 8 in the ‘Extended Tuning’ page but the RC8* Opt drop down box is empty as below. RC7 to RC10 boxes are all empty. I know this can be set in the parameters but it’s handy to have here.

Can someone point me in the direction where find what the Tune selections relate to?

It may help to update the version of MP which can be done by going to the Help screen and then click on the “Check for Updates” or “Check for BETA Updates” button.

There’s an open issue here to update the Extended Tuning page to address parameter name changes in Copter-4.0.

Thanks for the prompt reply and the info on the open issue!
I have the latest version on MP but when I select ‘Check for BETA Updates’ the updates get stuck. The first attempt resulted in a message saying the update was cancelled by user which was incorrect and the second attempt resulted in getting stuck on this screen.
MP became unresponsive and I had to use Task Manager to shut it down
Any help would be appreciated!

The quickest way now is to go to full parameter list, put CH8_OPT in the search box and choose 17 for auto tune

CH8_OPT has been replaced by RC8_OPTION. As for now at 4.0.0, there is no search box value (it is empty). For now the option must be manualy updated.


Feature list:

Got it and will use RC_OPTION and thanks.

Sorry, I looked in the

Next time I confirm it…