AutoTune does "P" & "D" - What do I set "I" to during tune?

Hi All,

Subject says it all - Very simple question…

Auto Tune does “P” and “D” – What do we set “I” to during tune?

What do we do after the AutoTune?
Do we set it to the default?
What is the default “I”?

Thanks in advance.

Set your ‘I’ to the same as ‘P’ as a start, last time I used autotune it set the two the same.

However I like to set ‘I’ to 1.5x-2x the ‘P’ value. It’s a personal thing but the feel and response is better for me with a high ‘I’.

Cool - so AutoTune does do the “I” too?

So before I run AutoTune, just make the I and P the same?


You can, or just leave them as they are and do autotune.

Off to do this now…!!!