Autotune didn't go well

Went to teh field today, no wind perfect day. Took off, went into Poshold. Hit autotune and WOW, snap roll into the ground. Now I need to find replacement parts. Video and log attached.


2020-04-17 09-19-15.bin (500 KB)

Your log literally stops pretty soon after autotune was engaged, that points to something catastophic like complete power failure or FC freeze. Up to the point it stops everything looks fine.

Hey Andy. Hope your well, staying clear of Zombies…Thanks for your feeback. I am leaning the same way. I had replaced the Power module just prior to this test and now I am wondering if it wasn’t 6s capable and it failed.
I have to order replacement parts now to repair it so when they arrive I will rebuild it from the ground up including power systems. I can’t have this happen again. Luckily the parts are on the clearance isle and so it was dirt cheap to order them.

Thanks again…be safe

Rich and I have been talking off forum, and that’s exactly what I saw in the logs too. Altitude data does not match with the craft falling out of the sky either. And the RC out is perfect, never shows a hard command in roll

Pulled the power module and it’s toast. So I am guessing it wasn’t 6s capable and while it was on the bench it worked but once there was demand,…poof.

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Ouch, scary movie. GL @rickyg32

Yes very scary lol.

So here is something i have been puzzled with. I have had two drone crashes from FC brown outs over the years. What I don’t get is why the copters always roll hard when the fc fails. Why don’t they just simply fall out of the sky. Settle to the ground in some way. They always roll sharply and my observation is that in all cases that this has happened to me, its a roll to port, spinning to the ground…

Why not just simply fall down. I dont’ get it.