Autotune - crash!

Hi everybody!
Can you help me figure out an issue? It’s happening for the second time now. The first time, during autotune activation, my drone flipped over on roll and crashed. Unfortunately, the log file didn’t get saved. Yesterday, during a flight, I switched from althold mode to autotune mode. The drone began the tuning procedure but abruptly rolled over and crashed after about a minute. This time, the log file was saved. I’m not great at analyzing log files, but from what I understand, the problem is likely with the motor controllers. After the crash, the drone powered up normally, and I was able to start it in alt-hold mode. Help, please. I will appreciate any advice!
My setup : Cube Orange+, Here4, ESC: Flycolor Raptor 5 BLHeli-32 45A DShot 3-6S, motors 4215 650 kV, frame - hexa. Protocol ESC - DShot600. My log file:

You probably did not follow the guide: How to methodically tune (almost) any multicopter using ArduCopter 4.4.x and your vehicle was not ready for autotune yet.

If you do not follow that, there are chances it will crash again.

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Thank you, i didn’t see this guide before.

Hello, my friend!
I’ve started following the step-by-step instructions you provided. Practically all the steps align with the guide, but I might be overlooking something. I would greatly appreciate it if you could point out my mistake (based on the log file I attached). It would be immensely helpful for analysis.
Before this, I built a hexacopter using the Matek 743 and successfully tuned it. Now I’m attempting to do the same with the Orange Cube, and I’m experiencing this behavior (sudden roll flips) specifically during autotune. In other modes, it flies well, which is why I can’t pinpoint exactly what’s happening.
Nevertheless, thank you so much for your response and assistance!

Go back and follow the guide. That drone is not ready to be auto tuned. Back to step one of the guide that is liked above.

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OK, thank you. I will do it

Could be the issue not sure:

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