Autotune - can't find AUTOTUNE_AXES parameter

Hi, I did autotune about half a year ago. Now i read here:
that with 3.3v it can also tune PID for yaw. So I tried to change the parameter: AUTOTUNE_BITMASK, but it isn’t there.
it says, to look for AUTOTUNE_AXES, but there is no such parameter (or any simmilar) on the list in MP.

Copied from another post:

autotune_bitmask. Each axis has a value - roll=1, pitch=2, yaw =4. If you want all three then the mask needs to be 7 (1+2+4=7). Any other combo you just take those values and add them. If you want just roll and pitch the bitmask needs to be 3. Just yaw and the bitmask needs to be 4. This is a pretty new setting and I believe specific to 3.3.x Copter and above as autotuning in 3.2 and below was just for roll and pitch and you couldn’t separate them.

I hate to ask the obvious, but are you sure that you are using 3.3?