Autotune and Mission Planner

Hello. I hope this makes sense. I have Arducopter 2.6 and use a Turnigy 9x rx and tx with no mods.I have configured the 3 way switch and the gear switch on the 9x for 6 flight modes. Basically got the info from YouTube. Therefore, I don’t really, truely understand the switches on the 9x.

My issue is that I want to assign the autotune function to switch 7 like the advanced parameters state in Mission Planner. Where is switch 7 and what do I need to do to make it work?

Sorry if this is not the correct place to ask but this is making me crazy

Thanks for any help.

You’ll need to connect an extra channel from CH7 on your radio to RC7 on the APM, then set the CH7 option to Autotune.

Thanks. But I am still confused. So I need to attach servo connection between channel 7 on Tx to channel 7 on APM. It was never explained to me that it had to be hard wired!!! Like I said, I am very new to all of this. Unfortunately, it is not very intuitive as how to actually program one of the two way switches to be channel 7 on the Turnigy 9X. It is easy for the gear switch as it is one of the choices for the aux channel of the T9X. But I am already using that channel for my 6 way mode switching. The other obvious options are all potentiometer knobs and not really suited for triggering autotune…and of course, the T9X is a cheap radio with hard to follow instructions…Oh well. Thanks for trying to help me out…

Ch6 or 7 from your Rx is connected to Aux2 or 3 to enable those extra features: see pic

You can also switch on Autotune through Mission Planner with telemetry if you have it without having to hardwire an extra channel, but you’d probably need an extra person to do it while you fly.

Gear switch would’ve been ideal as it’s on/off. But you can use a pot too, one side will be on, the other side off. Good luck.

You have been so helpful. Just one more question…Do I need to set up anything in Mission Planner other than just checking the box on advanced settings? I don’t have Mission Planner open right now but I think you know what I am referring to. Really looking forward to setting this up and trying autotune!!! I was kinda of disappointed that when I set up autotune as one of my 6 programmed flight modes that it didn’t work…Once again, thanks so much…

I think that’s it, you’ll just need to set the end point PWM’s for the channel you use but these will be set in Initial Setup > Radio Calibration (which you will need to do again), you can see it working here if setup properly.

Glad to have helped. :smiley:

Me again…I noticed that I could change one of my flight modes to Autotune. Would that enable my copter to go into autotune?

I tried the above and for some reason it didn’t go into autotune. Any ideas? Thanks again, and again…