Autotune activate from Tower

I noticed tower has a drop down menu option labled AUTOTUNE. Does this feature work? How it is used? Does it need to be set up by assigning an unused channel (like in Mission Planner). thank you?

Still looking for an answer. I thought this was going to be an easy one. What will happen if I click autotune when connected to Tower?

Did you get an answer for it?
I have a 6 channel radio - so I’m also interested to know if this works…

Current version of tower can trigger autotune but in now stable release of ArduCopter 3.3, you can set autotune as a flight mode on channel 5


I’ll try it.

How does the autotune work. Could someone please explain its function in the app and how it would be used?

Anyone have any luck with autotune option in Tower app?

I’ve used it many times in Tower to start an autotune session. Works fine for me.