Autotune 2, 3 flights? Are the PIDS refined more and more?

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If I run autotune a 2nd time, does Pixhawk start over from scratch using some default PID values as a starting piont?

Or does it start the 2nd autotune flight using the current (already autotuned) PID’s? And if so, what is an optimum number of flights to run autotune? I imagine there are diminishing returns as the number of autotune flights goes up.

Also…what is autotune aiming for? I know it’s an “optimized” flight characteristic…but what is that? Better stability? Quick response to controls?



Good question, awaiting responses… :question:

HI, very new here and new with the APM 2.6 v3.2.1. I have programmed the board settings with the 6 position switch on my Turnigy 9x. The mission planner is programmed but not sure how to set the auto tune to activate once I am in the air hovering. I am switch to Atl/hold but then what? I am missing how to set the auto tune to work… Must be a switch or knob I need to start it? I am needing some direction, even if it is one of you guys on this post. Thanks in advance

Still waiting. Seems there isn’t much activity around here lately. :open_mouth:

To start auto-tune you should enable it on a different swich than flight mode’s one. You keep the multi on alt-hold and once in the air, you enable auto-tune’s swich and wait for it to end the process. Once finished, you can land (keeping auto-tune’s switch enabled) and disarm the copter, if you like the tuning; also you can switch it off before disarming and then it doesn’t record the new PID’s.
Hope it helps!

I understand the auto tune is made for better generic stability. If you’d like fast response then you can tweak the final results to release more power and get faster response.

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