Autotrim (?) gone Wrong - Copter not flyable anymore

i just had my copter flying with new pros and motors. It was a littlebit twitchy, so i did autotune which workted like a charme! The copter was very very well flying. The only thing was, that there was a slight drift (really not that much…) but anyway i decided to do the autotrim function via holding the both sticks down right.
So now the first problem: after ~15s it was NOT flashing in 3 colors, but in 2 Blue and Red. i slightly gave some throttle, but then decided to first google the led flashing thing. I also tried to hold right tick down left and left stick down right. just because i did not remembered the autotrim funktion 100%.
so i disarmed the copter then all 3 leds flashed. (shit i thought…)
Then reconnected batteries and tried to arm the copter for normal flight… and here we go. the copter was EXTREMELY twitchy… it felt like there was nothing between no throttle and 30% throttle. It was somehow flying, but i had to hold 30% roll left to keep it somehow in sight…
What happened there?
I guess i totally messed up autotrim and now destroyed the working settings :frowning:
I now resetted AHRS_TRIM_X Y Z to 0. What else could have happened - What settings do i have to reset?
Is there anything i could have setted with holding the sticks down right and down left at the same time?
Thank you so much,
i hope this is fixable…

PS.: using Pixfalcon, APM:Copter V3.4.2-rc2 (179a7f57)

Hello Johannes

I belive if you recalibrate your IMU it should reset the ahrs settings altogether. The twitchy copter is not related to the drift. I don’t see autotrim messing up with any pid settings which is usually what is needed to be tuned to calm it down.

for little drift what I do is to level the copter with a level bubble and calibrate level with the Mission planner, that works for me. Another tip: when the copter is flying good I save params so I can return to them just in case, if you didn’t save, you can compare config with a log before the issue.

In addition, the vibration sheet from Forrest Franz gives you what you should input as ahrs_trim after analysing some log data from a hover. It also works well.