AutoTakeOff is not triggered

Hello all,
I have new plane build, ZOHD talon gt and Im trying first start with auto take off. I made few tries today but motor wasn’t started and I don’t know why.

I reached defined conditions: GPS ground speed: 4m/s, x-acc: ~50m/s/s



When armed, motor is spinning in manual mode.

But you do not fulfill both conditions at the same time.

The acceleration is already negative and the last groundspeed value is still just below 4 m/s.


Thank you Rolf, it make sense,
but one more question: Why the throttle was triggered in this case when acc was negative and speed reached >4m/s?

You should be able to look into the source code to find out from which time stamp the two parameters originate. Remains to me as only explanation, whereby it is beyond my skill, to valuate that.