AutoTakeOff: engine starts but only with about 30% power


I have a problem with automatic takeoff with the PX4, version 3.7.1.
If I run with the given 2 m / s, the engine starts but only with about 30% power.
This is of course not enough power and the plane can not take off. What is wrong?

Franz from Germany

Please post a log then we can help.
Also I hate to split hairs but I expect you mean you are having a problem with ArduPilot 3.7.1.
If you are flying the PX4 flight code then you’ll want to use their site for tech support.

in this link the log-file. At approx. 12% you see motor running but only with less power. Normally fullpower is approx. 30 A. I think the problem is a parameter in the configuration and not the hardware.
Thank for all tips.


A .bin log would be more useful.

Sorry, but where do I found such bin-files?

On the flight controller memory card.

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