Autorotate, SystemID?

For Arducopter quadrotor, what do these two flight-modes do? I googled it and searched forums, didn’t help, so please forgive my ignorance.
Thanks in advance.

  • Autoratate is for traditional helicopters. Just google for “Helicopter autoratation” and you will find out what it is.
  • SystemID is for mathematical model based system identification. You need to know about control theory to understand this one. Not meant for normal users without technical background knowledge.
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To add some more detail, here’s the wiki page for system-id. Hopefully we can eventually fill out the wiki with more information on how the outputs from this “system identification mode” can be used to improve tuning.

I’ve added a wiki to-do to explain auto-rotation. Maybe we should add, “(Heli only)” so that normal users can quickly know that this isn’t for them.

I knew about it on traditional helis, couldn’t figure out how it applied to multi-rotors though. Thanks for the info.

@rmackay9 is there any progress on version based wiki pages?

The changes for 4.0 will confuse a lot of 3.6 users.


There’s some good progress on making version based parameter descriptions on the server side (PR).