Autopilot boards compatible with ARDUPILOT


Im new into the autopilot world boards. Im want to start a the project of an automated survey vessel to gather information from the sea.

Im at the stage of choosing a compatible board with ARDUPILOT. As far as Ive read, Pixhawk is the most used board to do this, Im struggling to find this at my location (SPAIN) and its a bit pricey.

I was thinking in using the Omnibus F4.

The idea is a simple boat model with a thruster and a rudder behind it. As addons, I was thinking in installing a object avoidance system included in the board.

Ive seen the list on

I would appreciate any sort of guidance (similar projects, literature…)

Thanks for your time.

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I recommend you to buy Matek H743 slim or mini.

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The real list is actually bigger than that, here is the latest list for boats:


Thanks for that Ill review it! :slight_smile:

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Obviously I didnt look deep enough! Appreciate your help!

Ill keep the forum updated on the project!