Autonomous Take-off and Landing

Hi everyone, I am planning a autonomous mission and confused about auto landing parameters. I have a X-UAV TALON and it flies well in auto mode. I thought about landing parameters and set them as below. Do you think that I missed something or set a wrong value?
(I am planning a landing with a %10 descent slope and speed of 15 m/s. Also I didn’t change any TECS parameters and don’t know whether it’s necessary)

Will you be using LiDAR? If not then you will sometimes see the plane not flare at all or flare too high. Post some videos of your trials, I’d be interested to see how it goes

No, I am not using LIDAR and yes i can upload my trials later but do you think that these parameters are okay? I use Pixhawk and here’s some questions:
1)Do LAND_FLARE_SEC and LAND_FLARE_ALT work simultaneously and/or which one is primary?
2)How to set speed in AUTO mode. I found TRIM_ARSPD_CM parameter and which speed does this parameter use, ground or air?
(I have an airspeed sensor)

  1. According to parameters description it is preferable to have LAND_FLARE_SEC trigger first with `ALT acting as a backup.

  2. You can control approach speed using TECS_LAND_ARSPD. All ARSPD parameters are airspeeds.

All the necessary information on configuring for automatic landings can be found on the wiki some information is in a guide for increased precision autoland guide.


One thing to consider is using 4.4-beta rather than 4.3 if autolanding is essential to your mission. There were some really good changes made to the TECS that give better glideslope performance. I encourage you to go through the TECS tuning process TECS (Total Energy Control System) for Speed and Height Tuning Guide — Plane documentation (; It can help inform your decision for glideslope. 10deg seems a bit steep to start with.