Autonomous Speed issues after pausing

Hello all Devs and Guru’s, We use a multirotor made by a company in NL, i believe its on 3.6 and the issue we having is to do with speed after pausing the mission. We set the speed at 3ms as an example and if we have to pause for what ever reason and then continue with the flight, the speed defaults to another speed set with in the FC parameters and not what we originally set when creating the flight plan. Before the update from the manufacturer it was fine and now not, We have asked the manufacturer and they dont seem to know how to resolve this. We now have to set WPNAV_Speed to the speed we using for the day to resolve this. Any ideas what can change to cause this?

Correction we on V4.0.7

Update to ArduCopter 4.3.5 and retest

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