Autonomous sailboat

Hello I have an 80cm long and beam roughly 20cm sailboat that I am making to become an autonomous with rc override capacity. Any pointers on what kit is needed to get started. Does anyone have working code/ sensor / hardware pack for sailing?

you just need a 32bit ardupilot compatible flight controller and its supporting hardware, like a power module and a GPS.

A bit more targeted:

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Definitely read the links shared above, there is a lot of configuration and setup to understand and go through.

You will need a wind sensor (direction at least but optionally direction and speed). You might need to upgrade your RC to something with a PPM or SBUS output on the receiver and more switches on the transmitter.

There are many options for flight controller, I have had success with various pixhawks, and I also like the matek wing family since they can supply power for the servos and OSD if you have video.

Don’t skip the ardupilot documentation! You can also see some details on my boat N4N1 here . My wind vane design is here.

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