Autonomous Mission problem

i am trying to create simple mission. Copter should make:

  1. not vertical, tilted start
  2. simple flight
  3. not vertical, tilted landing.

Everything should work as in the image

I would like to ask, if this not vertical takeoff is even possible?
Futhermore i would ask about Mission Item Order?

Should I send

Or maybe i need some special zero waypoint at beginig?

// edit

When i made this by clicking i have got following wp list (from mavproxy)

16 0 53.1174926758 23.1462574005 0.000000 p1=0.0 p2=0.0 p3=0.0 p4=0.0 cur=0 auto=1
22 3 53.1175651550 23.1464157104 50.000000 p1=15.0 p2=0.0 p3=0.0 p4=0.0 cur=0 auto=1
16 3 53.1178207397 23.1465492249 50.000000 p1=0.0 p2=0.0 p3=0.0 p4=0.0 cur=0 auto=1
21 3 53.1177139282 23.1461715698 0.000000 p1=25.0 p2=0.0 p3=0.0 p4=1.0 cur=0 auto=1

It looks like first element should be always MAV_CMD_NAV_WAYPOINT(16). Futhermore in that case takeoff is not first.
When i try to start it force change to guided mode, next it sends vertical takeoff comand and eventually when copter is in air change mode to auto.

I would ask if there is any way to start mission i automode from ground?

Sounds like you should have an onboard computer or microcontroller and use guided mode, or use manual_control mavlink commands to do that.

Why would you like horizontal speed , is the landing area moving ?

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I will use odroid computer with linux onboard and pymavlink library.

I need to takeoff a copter from platform on moving ship. What is more ship run 33 km/h. I do not have any idea how to make it work…

I tried to use command long takeoff but arducopter doesn’t support long lat iformation

Hey ! Did you manage to do this ? I would like to know if you have ressources to make something similar