Autonomous Lawn Mower

I want to build an Autonomous Lawn Mower. Just a regular walk behind mower with wheel chair motors. For GPS, Im going to buy a simpleRTK2B Budget. My questions is. As far as GPS, do i need the simpleRTK2B Budget and the antenna. or do I also need to make a base station. Id rather not buy what i dont need. Do i need a base station?

Do you have NTRIP Service available where it will operate? Many locations/countries do, some charge a fee others it’s a no cost service.

per google. we do have it free here.

Then you don’t need a base unit. There are guides on the ArduSimple Website and other places.

Highly recommend getting a second GPS module and using a moving baseline configuration for heading (yaw). Do not get the “+heading” kit, but just a second SimpleRTK2B board. The autopilot can configure them automatically for use.