Autonomous land command

is it possible to determine a command that will do autonomous commands that built-in this command (according to parameters)? lets say a landing command that after function the plane will fly between wp’s according to distance, azimuth…(without “writing” them in auto mode).

Provide more details why you do not want to use the standard auto mode. What does it lack?

just let the computer do it better than me, and to save time on mission planning.
(example: with the wind leg and after it against the wind leg until landing.

What computer?

i mean like landing command that according to wind direction the plane will do “leg” with the wind and “final” against the wind and finally land.

I’m still not clear on what you are suggesting but check out companion computers and guided mode. There are Wiki’s for both.

It seems he wants an automatically calculated traffic pattern with downwind, base, and final approach paths auto generated. I don’t think that’s native to auto land right now.