Autonomous GPS-Guided, Solar-Powered Boat


I’m new to the forum and am looking to find out if there is anyone here who has put together a successful Autonomous, GPS-Guided, either solar-powered or sailboat?
I’ve seen a few successful test runs demonstrated on YouTube but I’d like to see how many have achieved this and how far this technology can currently be taken?
Is it possible to program an autonomous model to follow GPS coordinates to travel around the world?
I’m very interested to hear from you.

This might belong somewhere else so I apologise if that’s the case and welcome advice on where it should go.

Thanks all and looking forward to interacting on the forum with you all.


Try here

We are working on a autonomous solar boat. We are using an Android phone and 2 motors, no rudder. The phone talks to a relay controller via bluetooth. Get a compass, GPS, camera, communications, clock, etc in the phone.

Blog is at

– Vince