Autonomous Flight Issue

Hi. This problem is really important for my team and our competition.
Everything went well when i tried fly my drone manuel with my transmitter. Yet, when i took my mode to auto mode it took off to very high altitude. I wrote the plan as take off to 2 meters then land. I changed Default Alt as 2 too. Drone almost took off 10 meters then i changed my mode to althold and landed myself.
Why does it take off too much? What should i do? You can say me if i should test something.
I use pixhawk px4 and mission planner. hobbywing 50a esc, emax rs2306 motors. frsky qx7 access transmitter, rx6r receiver…
I almost got crazy about this. This is our first experiement. Please help us.

Post a link to the .bin flight log file on the Flight Controller for help.

Is it over powered?
Have you defined MOT_BAT_VOLT_MAX?
Check also MOT_THST_HOVER.

00000024.BIN (399.6 KB) 00000023.BIN (238.6 KB)
im not sure 24 was it so i sent 23 too

ok sir. unfortunately im far away from my drone for a few days. i will try as soon as possible.

yet, i checked my values again on eCalc. i think it is not overpowered. i have 50a esc, 200a pdb also a insurance. im %80 sure it is not about over powering

There is nothing in those logs. One looks like a Motor Test and the other it’s not flying.

MOT_BAT_VOLT_MAX,0 -> 12.6/16.8 3S/4S
MOT_THST_HOVER,0.3622711: possibly high

sir, can you check them too?
17 (i tried takeoff and land autonomusly without props):

Note for 17: my friend picked drone and raised it to 2 meters when it started taking off in autonomous mode, then landed it.

Hi Xesth, my drone is prefect in Guide-nogps mode. My competition is about indoor autonomous drone.
My problem is my drone can’t stable forward after autonomous takeoff. Look forward to more sharing and discuss. check this link it might be useful