Autonomous Drones - Exyn Technologies - Hiring a Principal Mechanical Engineer (Fulltime Onsite in Philly)

Working as part of the Hardware group in the Product department, You will help create the hardware infrastructure for our autonomy with an emphasis on platform development. You will wear many hats and learn skills in a variety of fields. You will work with a dynamic, multi-disciplinary team to accomplish set goals with plenty of mentorship opportunities. Candidates should have:

● Deep understanding of robotics, with an emphasis towards aerial platforms
● End-to-end development of UAVs, from concept through deployment
● Specific experience with implementing, tuning, and testing flight control systems
● Deep knowledge of open-source UAV software, preferable ArduPilot or PX4

If you are interested, please apply to be our Principal Mechatronics Engineer or ask any questions! This is a full-time role.

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Applied! Looking forward to hearing back!