Autonomous Boat Company Looking for Talent

Our startup, Open Ocean Robotics, is based out of Victoria, BC Canada. We are developing “drones of the sea”, solar-powered USV’s designed for offshore long-duration data collection. Our company is in the exciting stage of early R&D, and we are looking for someone passionate about autonomous systems to join our team. The ideal candidate is someone who can take a leading role in development (hardware/software integration) and assist in bringing the product to market. A creative mindset combined with an excellent understanding of electrical systems is essential. Additionally, it is important to have an adventurous outlook, happy to embrace the new-startup environment with about six other team members.

Our ideal candidate would be an electrical or software engineer with significant experience working with autonomous vehicles and control systems. Experience with sensor integration, communications, implementing power management systems, etc is important. You can check out our company, and let us know if you are interested.


Hello, I’m from China. In my 13-year career, I have worked for a company for 2 years. I’m in charge of the whole project of automatic lifeboat. Do you have time to chat with me? My email is