Automatic Takeoff Slow


After several tests and adjustments, I cannot get the plane to take off automatically. The throttle works in stages but too slowly.

Manual take-off is successful with the throttle at 100%.

IIs there a way to set the throttle to start at max after TKOFF_THR_DELAY?

This is the log:


Have you set TKOFF_THR_SLEW?

No, it is at 0. It is a hand launching, I understood that this parameter was used in runaway takeoffs.


You’ve still got TKOFF_THR_MINSPD set to 4m/s. And I can see in the log that pretty much where the throttle came on to 100%. Maybe try turning that speed down.

Depending on where your prop is or your launch technique you may want to have it spinning even before you throw it. I’ve had luck with the setup that Painless360 uses.

Thanks @Allister . Next test I will perform these changes:
TKOFF_THR_MINACC: 8 (to arm with a shake)
TKOFF_THR_MINISPD: 0 (to start motor before launch)
TKOFF_THR_SLEW: 127 (to try to accelerate before)
TKOFF_THR_MAX: 100 (Just be sure it’ll reach 100%)

I’d suggest some caution with the TKOFF_THR_SLEW that high. I’ve found I like a number like 25 or so. That way the motor spools up gradually before it hits full power and I throw the plane. If you set it to 100 or 127 like you’ve suggested it will go to full power instantly but if you’re not perfectly ready and your plane has a lot of power it could jump out of your hand before you’re ready.

Thanks. I did it. Today’s test was successful. It took off the hand without apparent effort. Sure I can increase the climb although it is not worth it for consumption. 15 degrees is ok.

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