Automatic MAVLink forwarding at startup?

I’m flying some atmospheric sensors on my quadrotor, and I’m putting the sensor data into MAVLink packets (data16 and data 32) and having the flight controller forward them to the GCS. On the host running Mission Planner, I have my custom process configured to be a UDP server, such that I can use the “advanced tool” window in Mission Planner to connect to my process and supply it with the arriving MAVLink downlink.

I find that typing ctrl-F and squinting at the laptop screen on a sunny day every time I want to fly these sensors is tedious and error-prone. Is there some way to configure Mission Planner to automatically forward MAVLink packets to a UDP server process without my having to initiate it (such as can already be done with QGC)? Alternatively, is there some way to achieve this using a python script, so that I don’t have to navigate a GUI in the sun?


Try mavproxy to port forward. I usually run this as a batch file.