Automatic Landing too short, which parameter to change

Copy from category Plane 4.2 release:
What do I have to change when my my automatic landing approaches are too short. Slope seems to be OK, but Tecs.hdem seems to be unreasonable during landing sequence (seems to me, tecs controller wants to go steeper than required to meet the targeted landing point). Please find the logs attached here: Logs_AutoLand
Thanks for looking at it.

You can trying adjusting TECS_PITCH_MIN. Right now it’s set to 0 so the plane will dive to LIM_PITCH_MIN. That’s currently -12 degrees in your parameters. The landing sequence will push the nose down to this limit initially and I’ve found a lot of planes will end up landing short when this happens. You can try setting TECS_PITCH_MIN to -10 or -8 and see if that helps. A better answer would be to suggest going through the full TECS tuning procedure but if the plane is otherwise flying well then you might get away with tweaking TECS_PITCH_MIN.

Thanks Allister, will try that out. Did some TECS tuning, but not the whole procedure, plane is flying well so far.