Automatic Geofence parameter checking - in relation to flight plan - possible?

When uploading a waypoint flight plan - and the outer waypoints of the plan exceed the geofence settings:
Is there a check function or a way to be notified by Mission Planner of this mis-match? (I.e. altitude of highest waypoint is set to 120m, but geofence is only set to 100m)

(Background: Generally, I prefer to “reign in” the geofence settings as tight as possible.
This sometimes has created situations, though, where missions are run which start out fine, yet later (further away) were aborted with RTL - because I had forgotten to extend the geofence limits according to the flight plan…
A simple check could alert of such mis-matches, and thereby save the time it takes to come back from a flight, change batteries and start over.)

generally no, because mission planner doesn’t know where you are going to arm the copter. ie it could be in the middle, it could be on the outer edge. this assumes you are talking about the radius based geofence.

Ah - I understand. Thanks for your response and insight.
Our arming generally takes place in the vicinity of the home point, so I had hoped a warning might be possible to avoid such mishaps.