Autoland Issue


I am new to using APM Plane so I am sure I am doing something wrong, however, Today I was testing the auto takeoff, waypoints, and auto land features of the Pixhawk.

Auto take off and waypoints are working excellent, auto landing not so good, but Auto_Crash I have mastered!

The airframe is a Zeta FX-61 Phantom.

I programmed a very simple mission. Auto take off, 3 basic way points creating a box, then auto land. The Land parameter has an altitude set to 0 and the rest of the missions altitude is 30m. I have set it up with the stock parameters, except, the flare angle is at 10 degree’s (100 centidegrees).

The issue is, it will come in from the last way point, cut the motor, glide for a little while, then it will sharply dive for about 2-3 meters then it will flare and stall. The flare and stall is happening about 20-25 meters up and caused a pretty awesome nose dive into the ground. I can’t seem to figure out what I am doing incorrectly.

Any help is much appreciated!

Thank you,


Please provide tlogs and/or data flash logs to assist in troubleshooting your issue.


I think I pulled these properly? Sorry, new to pixhawk.

after doing a ton more reading, I think the issue may have been I had one of the parameters set where it thought I had an airspeed sensor and I currently do not.

Also, the approach angle was far too steep.

However, the fact that it flared at about 20-25m up is still concerning, I don’t think it should have flared that high even with those issues. I will test more tomorrow as I have made some changes.